The Strip

Its 1am and we have just got in after the most amazing day. Nothing I could say could possibly do justice to Vegas and our photographs are hopelessly inadequate at capturing this truly spectacular city. Bearing all that in mind I can honestly say if anyone asked me which one city I would recommend to visit in the world it would be Vegas. We have just loved it, the crazy madness, the heat, the casinos – it really isn’t like anywhere else we’ve ever been or even dreamed of going in our wildest imagination.

We wake up fairly early but don’t go out until late morning; we have to sort out some laundry first. A very boring task but necessary as we’re all running out of underwear!
We take the car and park at The Venetian, the hotel is really beautiful. For anyone who hasn’t visited Las Vegas, the hotels are all basically huge casinos and have been built with increasingly grand architecture. My idea of Vegas as a nostalgic place with loads of Elvis impersonators running around actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. For a start it’s massive, bigger than I thought and ultra modern in many ways.

The Venetian is awesome, with a river and gondolas inside and beautiful Roman figurines and living statues, it’s in a great location and I would definitely think about staying here for a future visit. We spend the afternoon in one hotel after another, we manage to see loads, just too much to describe but my favourite hotels were the city themed ones. New York New York with the Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers and rollercoaster, Paris- So amazing, inside a whole stretch of French Boulevards with an artificial sky that even staged a storm with rain, thunder and lightening at one point. We also visited The Flamingo, a kitsch pink palace and Mirage complete with tigers and a dolphin park.

We do some shopping in the Miracle Mile and buy a few clothes for Maisie. We are all going to need a complete new wardrobe when we get home and I figure we may as well buy some gear here where it’s a bit cheaper than in the UK. The shop assistants are unbelievably helpful and shopping here is a real pleasure in comparison to in England where I always like the idea of it but end up finding it a fairly stressful experience.

In the evening we set off late (1030) to try and spot Britney, she is opening a new club LAX at The Luxor this evening but not a chance! The one thing I have really missed since being here is looking glam. In the evenings lots of people get dressed up in all their best threads and there’s no way that we are going anywhere near a new club with our year old traveller clothes and 2 kids in tow!!

We settle for dinner at Mandalay Bay, another huge casino/hotel. This one is a bit quieter though and we share 2 meals. We have realised that this is more than enough food for us four and although it’s relatively cheap, even with the 18-20% expected tip I don’t want to leave loads of food because we’ve over ordered.

Driving back along the strip we see a few people being arrested and stopped in their cars. Vegas feels like a very safe place, there are too many lights and people to feel unsafe here (On the strip anyway). Despite this though it isn’t really a family destination, primarily of course are the casinos and if we had been on our own we would have undoubtedly spent some time gambling. As it is, Ali and Maisie are exhausted and we decide after such a busy day that 1am is probably late enough.

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