Today we are going to be making our way back to Sydney. Simon drops Adrian and Liz at one of the lookout points and I quickly repack. The journey takes a couple of hours and we stop on the way and have some lunch. Like a bunch of tramps we sit on the kerb in a McDonald’s car park eating left over roast beef sandwiches. Sydney is going to be really expensive and we’re trying to save some cash wherever we can. Even a few coffees can eat up the dollars quite quickly here.

We have booked somewhere to stay but I’m not too impressed when we arrive. It’s a YWCA hostel and we have a four bedded room. It’s really cold and as the heating is broken I’m dreading staying here for the next 4 nights. It turns out that they only have the room available for two nights anyway and we decide we will move tomorrow. Simon and Ali go out to return the hire car and when they come back have found somewhere else. Expensive at 170 dollars a night but its opposite here, we are in a good area and although we haven’t quite got an Opera House view it is very central.

Sydney looks to be a lovely city, Described as bewitching in our guide book with extensive parks and gardens, loads of shops, theatres, year round sunshine and amazing beaches we’re all excited about getting out and about and exploring tomorrow.

We go out for dinner and walk up Oxford Street to a Turkish/Greek/Italian restaurant me and the kids have pasta and Simon has a risotto. With a couple of beers the bill comes to a respectable 87 dollars. Not too bad. We get back and sit watching the concert for Princess Diana on the telly, we guessed it would be big news at home as well as the news we see about bomb threats at some of the airports. Scary. I read my book and get off to sleep early. Very excited about going to see the Opera House tomorrow.

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