Siem Reap

Today has been so hot. We decided to lie in and eventually got up around 10. Unfortunately due to the heat we don’t have much motivation to do anything and spend most of the day lazing around The Jasmine Guesthouse. There is a free pool table and we have a few games but mainly spend our time reading. Simon does some maths with the kids but sitting in the restaurant even with the fans on is impossible and we end up in our rooms for the afternoon.

I spend some time talking to one of the fella’s from the guesthouse; he is from the town of Battambang and related to the guesthouse owners. He describes how he goes to school in the morning (college) and is studying hospitality in the hope of getting a job in one of the large 5 star hotels presently being built in Siem Reap. He speaks almost perfect English with a slight American accent and I would think he will find it easy to get a job once his training is finished. Siem Reap is very different to what I expected and from the amount of building work going on will be changing dramatically over the next few years.

Simon and Ali hire bikes and decide to go out for a ride. Ali has been nagging to do this since we arrived and I am a little nervous as the roads are fairly busy. Still they return unscathed, apparently having had a good time, albeit a bit knackered! We check the temperature at 8.30pm and as it is still 35 degrees I’m not surprised they’re a bit hot!

We decide to return to Khmer Kitchen for dinner as the food was excellent and cheap!
Tonight meal costs us 14 dollars and we’re pleased that for the last few weeks at least we seem to be staying within our daily budget. We ask the guesthouse owner to organise a taxi for our journey to Phnom Penh tomorrow and despite the fact that I particularly have done jack shit all day get off to sleep by 1030.

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