Siam Beach Resort Hotel

Today we have had a blissful day; we woke up and walked the 500m along the beach to The Siam Beach Hotel. This is where we will be spending tonight at least and we get some breakfast and have some coffee before bagging a couple of beach sun loungers The weather is gorgeous today, bright hot and sunny and I lie on my sunbed under the shade of a coconut palm, listening to my MP3 player and thanking my lucky stars that I’m here today and not stuck at work.

The sea is very warm and we have a great time splashing around together, it is the first time we have been on holiday without the kids for years and we are starting to really enjoy ourselves! There are some small waves and lots of bright electric blue jelly fish at the waters edge. Some people are throwing them at each other so we guess they’re not poisonous. As our honeymoon was spent in chilly Majorca with Ali and Maisie when they were little we are making up for it now and have a lovely romantic day lazing around, playing in the sea, reading our books and listening to music.

I have really caught the sun today; we have been using factor 30 suncream for weeks but still seem to get a bit burnt occasionally. By 4pm we have had enough and after checking our emails head up to our hut. It is in a fantastic location high on a hill, overlooking the bay and with luxuries like air con and soft mattresses we’re in 7th heaven!

We have had an email from our friend Cherie today; she has suggested we visit Ko Samet. Although Ko Chang is lovely we have found it hard to find somewhere decent to stay cheaply and coupled with a few days of cloudy weather we decide that it will be better to move on and maybe regret it than stay here and then wish we had moved ( if that makes any sense!). So it looks like we will on the move again tomorrow. We have also read today that we will be unable to visit Chaing Mai, due to the slash and burning of trees there the air quality is so poor that some governments are advising people not to travel there at the moment.

We watch the sunset from a small bar, with a beer and Pink Floyd it’s a cool end to the day. After dinner we walk back to our hut, it looks so pretty at night; the path is lit with lights inside half coconut shells with patterns cut out of the shells. We have quick shower and crash out, its very early but hey its dark and that’s good enough for us.

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