Rodeo Drive, Bel Air and Santa Monica

We set our alarm late today and didn’t wake up until 9.30. we’re all tired after racing through the States for the past 10 days and wanted to recoup a bit this morning before setting off for the day. We felt so cool in the Mustang with the roof down, cruising along, listening to the Red Hot Chillies and after driving back along Hollywood Blvd and waving to a few super heroes we spy on the way. (Batman, Spiderman and Wolverine) we set off to Rodeo Drive.

It is as fantastic as I imagined, apparently one of the worlds most expensive streets and we have the car valet parked before heading off. We don’t bother going in De Beers. (I have enough huge diamonds) and amble along window shopping at Chanel, Tiffany’s, Dior etc. Lots of the shops are appointment only and as good as it is we get bored quickly as we have precisely no dollars to spend!

Next we drive to Beverley Hills and the more exclusive Bel Air, we want to see a few stars homes and it’s such a gorgeous area. We have a look at Elvis Presley’s house and a few others including Rod Stewart, John Wayne and The Incredible Hulk. I don’t really know if people like Brad and Angie and Posh and Becks live around here but we gave up after a while, hunger got the better of us and we decide to go and see Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach and get some lunch.

Santa Monica is quite an interesting area with lots of quirky little shops. Apparently the place to buy a leather studded hat for your dog if that what it wants! We have lunch in a lovely restaurant on the seafront overlooking the pier before driving a couple of miles up the road to Venice Beach where Baywatch was based. The kids hire two buggy things and spend an hour with the bikini roller skaters and cyclists racing along the path while Simon and I lie on the sand soaking up the warm sun. The weather is lovely here just the right temperature and it feels good to be able to enjoy the sun without frying.

We end the afternoon with a shopping spree in Macy’s. We get Simon some stuff and I buy some nail buffer thing before we head home. Its 10pm when we get in and we sit watching trash TV for an hour before getting off to sleep.

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