Roast Beef Dinner

We woke up fairly late this morning and spent the morning fairly quietly, chatting to other travellers. Its interesting talking to them and I spend a long time discussing the UK as a budget travel destination with a fella from South Africa. He spent 2 months in England, Scotland and Ireland and I was pleased to hear he loved it and can’t wait to go back.

Ali is busy hustling at pool with an Aussie who has spent the past 6 months living in Papua New Guinea. He regales us with stories of his time spent there and I wonder if we should go there as it’s close to the northern tip of Australia. When he tells me how dangerous it is there and that some of the locals still practice cannibalism I soon change my mind though!

Alister has also been teaching an Aussie guy how to play the guitar and they have a nice little jammin session for a couple of hours with another fella. It keeps him out of mischief and it’s good to see him teaching someone else for a change.

Around 5pm Justin comes and picks us up. He lives about 15 mins away from where we are staying and we call off on the way to pick up some wine and beers. We haven’t met his family before and as his wife is expecting a baby any day soon, I think she is very brave inviting us over for dinner and to stay the night. Their house is great, Justin described it as being small but it seemed pretty spacious to us and had the added bonus of no windows just shutters and a pool. How great!

We have a lovely evening. Gill cooks a fantastic roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and we provided the puddings. Maisie and Tara (their 8 year old daughter) have a lovely time giggling away and playing in Tara’s room. Their 2 year old son Davy makes us laugh when he sits talking to the TV which we move to the floor in order to use the table.
(Hello movies! Bless!) It’s great for Simon and Justin to catch up on some of the rugby news from home and we quiz them on their life here and some of the local customs. They tell us political correctness is virtually unheard of and how much the Australians love to get a rise out of us whingeing poms!

We have taken loads of information leaflets with us and they tell us the best places to visit. Then best of all they make us a fantastic offer of borrowing their 1970′s original VW camper van to tour around the Northern region and Tablelands in. Oh my god how cool is that! It must be one of the ultimate back packer dreams and I can’t believe we’re so lucky that they have made us such a generous offer. Apparently it needs a service on Friday and then will be good to go. Awesome!

We get off to bed and Simon and I lie there excitedly imagining life on the road in a Scooby Do mobile. Tomorrow we are going to sort out our trip to the reef. Very excited about this also. Travelling really is the best.

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