7am- lying in bed listening to Dirty Dancing soundtrack, I like this it reminds me of a holiday with friends Nicky, Alli and Amanda in Turkey a few years ago. Allison and I got pissed one night, I got stuck up a tree and Alli still has a scar to show for it!
Anyway not up for any of that this morning. I’ve been coughing all night, have a banging headache and feeling all stuffed up. I will be so glad to get out of here.

Today we are travelling to Pushkar, this is according to Iram a 3 hour journey in the car and we have already booked a guesthouse in advance. So fingers crossed it will be nice and if not nice at least clean. Pushkar is a very holy town, mainly famous for its huge camel festival at the start of November and I have read that many travellers reach here and grind to a halt experimenting with spirituality, facial hair and marijuana.

Just found we have Abba in our music collection hurray! I can’t believe I never realised that- going to get up now and have a little dance around. Abba, 2 paracetamol and a hot shower and I reckon I’ll be well up for it!!

I have enjoyed the drive to Pushkar, the road was really good, the nearest I have seen to a motorway and we hared along. We spent the first hour or so learning more about the Hindu religion. The main manifestations of Brahman, which is eternal, never ending and always been there, are the gods Shiva,Vishnu and Brahma. We spend some time discussing them and then talk about Christianity and the Catholic faith.

The landscape is very flat but as we approach Pushkar we have to cross some mountains called Snake Mountains. Simon has found an expensive hotel with a pool and we call in there on our way to The Whitehouse Hotel. It will cost us 900 rupees (about a tenner) to spend the afternoon swimming there and one look at the pool and we decide to go for it.

Iram then decides to take us to another guesthouse which he insists is very good and cheap and to placate him we agree to go. It turns out to be lovely and fairly cheap but is in an isolated spot and the kids will have to sleep in a thatched hut
We tell him he must take us to our choice and when we get there are completely sold!
It is spotlessly clean with a friendly mum and son team who make us feel very welcome.

We quickly change into swimming gear and Iram takes us back to The Jagat Singh Palace Hotel where we spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool. The kids have a great time and I feel like I am on holiday- it’s absolutely bliss lying on a lounger reading Harrods magazine I have found peace already!

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