Our Route Around the World

Fly LONDON – DELHI (Friday 17th November 06)

DELHI travelling overland for 2 months through Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Goa and Kerala ending up in MADRAS

Fly MADRAS – SINGAPORE ( Thursday 11th January 07)

SINGAPORE – Travelling overland over 4 months through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam ending in HO CHI MINH CITY

Fly HO CHI MINH CITY – BEIJING (Saturday 28th April 07)

BEIJING – travelling overland for 1 month through Xi’an, Shanghai, onwards to HONG KONG

Fly HONG KONG – SYDNEY (Saturday 26th May 07)
– travelling around parts of Australia for 2 months

Fly SYDNEY – CHRISTCHURCH (Friday 6th July 07)

Fly CHRISTCHURCH – Travelling overland for 1 month upto AUCKLAND

Fly AUCKLAND – FIJI (Friday 3rd August 07)

Fly FIJI – COOK ISLANDS (Saturday 18th August 07)

Fly COOK ISLANDS – TAHITI (Saturday 1st September 07)

Fly TAHITI – LA (Saturday 8th September 07)

LA – Travelling overland across the states for 2 months to NEW YORK

Fly NEW YORK – LONDON……Friday 2nd November 07

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