Simon went off early this morning to collect the hire car. We have managed to get a Toyota Corolla on a relocation deal for 50 dollars for the day which is considerably less than the 170 dollars our bus fare would have cost us.

We set off around 11am and after an hour or so stop at Noosa for lunch. We read that Noosa is the start of the surf and it looks to be an expensive place. In the end we got our lunch from a newsagent! Not quite what we had imagined but fairly cheap so all good.

We arrive at Brisbane airport where we have to drop off the car and give Toni a ring. She said she will come and pick us up and we’re really grateful for this as it’s a long way to her house and would cost over 60 dollars in a taxi. When we arrive her daughter Gabby is busy cooking dinner for us all. As she also has her 2 friends staying over it’s no mean feat for a 13 year old and we’re very impressed. I tell her I will take her back to England to teach Ali and Maisie some domestic skills.

Toni’s house is gorgeous a large sprawling bungalow with a massive back garden, a lovely pool and 5 cats. Maisie is in 7th heaven! It’s really great to be able to sit and chat to Toni and we show her some photo’s of our trip and talk some more about the Farmstay. It’s so kind of her to put us up and be so welcoming and it’s easy to quickly feel part of her family. At last we are all tired Toni and Gabby left Glassford for here at 4am this morning and as Toni has been at work all day she must have been exhausted. As we’re getting ready for bed Toni’s other daughter Felicia comes home. She’s 16 and has been working the evening shift at Hungry Jacks. I feel a bit awkward as I’m sat on her bed when I meet her for the first time but she’s really friendly like her mom and just grabs some clothes for the morning before saying goodnight.

Off to sleep now, it’s so good to be sleeping in a decent bed with fresh smelling sheets. ZZzzzzz!

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