My Birthday in Hervey Bay

Well you know, today has been a slightly different birthday to usual. Normally I wake up at Glastonbury Festival very hung-over. Last year we didn’t get our tickets and had our own little festival in Cornwall with our friends Alli and Adrian, it’s a bit strange- as I normally spend my birthday with them but its cool waking up in at Glassford Farm and I couldn’t wish for a better start to the day.

Actually that’s a bit of a lie, in all honesty it was freezing cold and I did get a bit of a fright this morning. I went for a pee first thing and when I turned around to give it a flush realised a bright green big frog was down the toilet scrabbling around!

We make our way up to the barn and as promised Bill, Toni and Nerylyn are waiting with crispy bacon for our breakfast. Its raining heavily today and we wolf our sarnies down before setting off with Rosie for Miriam Vale. I’m so sad and I have to bite back the tears when we say goodbye to Bill and Toni. As we leave Toni invites us to stay with them Brisbane at her house, how cool is that and it will of course save us some money. The Aussies are so generous and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, we have had the best time here and I think we have all loved every minute of it.

The bus arrives, a bit late and we get on. It’s lovely and warm and I crash out listening to Powderfinger on my MP3. Around 3 hours later we arrive in Hervey Bay. We have booked to stay at the YHA Colonial Lodge at the recommendation of our friends Marie and Carl who stayed here a few years ago. It is a lovely hostel and as a surprise Simon has booked one of the “villas” for us. It’s really nice and we quickly chuck our gear in before catching the bus back into town.

We split up for a while and Ali and I go to get Maisie some birthday presents. By now it’s quite late and although we had planned to go out I decide I would rather get some wine and a Chinese takeaway and stay in. We watch a film called The First Daughter; I read some birthday emails, open my presents (J-Lo Glow Perfume, a silver necklace and a lottery ticket that won me 30 dollars!) and speak to my Dad and one of best mates Nicky.

Don’t remember going to bed but got there somehow.

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