Mental note to self!

“Always check spare batteries are charged!”

On our last day in Delhi we chose to visit the Indira Gandhi Museum and Humayun’s tomb. After a couple of picture’s at one of the lesser, but nonetheless stunning, tombs at this world heritage site. The batteries ran out in the camera, no problem I thought, I inserted the spares. Which turned out to be dead as well you know. dead! There was nowhere to be seen in the vicinity to get any batteries, what a nightmare! Then boss-man at the gate sends one of the guards off to get me a new set. 10 minutes later he returns with new set of local ‘everready’ batteries. Unfortunately these don’t have the power to even turn the camera on. OK no problem we’ve seen plenty of fantastic buildings already and are sure going to clock up a few more by the end of the trip.

So we continue on around the tomb complex and through an arched gateway to be confronted with what can only be described as a breathtaking view. Ali nearly collapse’s on the floor laughing as he says “Wow, this would make a great picture!” To think that this building only gave the inspiration to the Taj Mahal, sharpens even further the excitement for what is yet to come.

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