Maisie’s Birthday

Today is Maisie’s birthday and our little girl is turning 11. Happy Birthday! I wake up around 7 dying of thirst and feeling decidedly hungover. I pray that Maisie won’t wake up for a while so I can go back to sleep but its no good she’s up and about by 7.30.

We sit in bed and she opens her presents, we bought her a Tamagotchi, the new Avril Lavigne CD, 2 tops, a pair of jeans and some jewellery. We have our breakfast and after a shower I tell her she’s in for a pampering. She loves all that and sits there like a princess flicking through magazines and reading the latest Hollywood gossip whilst I give her a manicure, pedicure and leg and foot massage. I then blowdry her hair and make her up before she gets into her new gear and we set off to McDonalds for her birthday lunch. It’s exactly what I need to cure my hangover shakiness and after stuffing ourselves full of junk we make our way to the cinema.

Shrek 3 is the choice of film and I enjoy what I see of it before falling asleep and missing the last half. Still the kids thought it was good and I guess that’s all that matters. As we ate late we’re not ready for dinner and we go back to the hostel. It’s a really fantastic place, although not that central the facilities make up for that and we decide to go and see the Didgeridoo workshop taking place later.

The fella turns up with his Didge and spends 10 minutes explaining how they go out into the outback looking for the sticks. They have been hollowed out naturally by termites and after a few months of drying out can be carved and shaped into an instrument. He must be one of the weirdest people I have ever met and in the end I have to move as I can’t stop laughing. Despite his funny explanations and really strange manner he makes the session interesting and I think Simon and Ali enjoyed it a lot. They have a go playing the thing and at last the fella plays it for us. He accompanies himself on the guitar and it is a very beautiful and moving sound conjuring up images of the boiling, deserted and arid outback.

By 10pm we’re all tired and order take out pizza before heading off to bed. Tomorrow we’re leaving Hervey Bay for Brisbane. It has been an enjoyable few days here, almost everyone who comes here visits the stunning Fraser Island but we just hadn’t got the money for that. I’m not sorry, despite our friends telling us it was one of the highlights of their OZ adventure we had such a great time at Glassford Farmstay that I’m glad we stayed there longer. At this point in our trip now we are starting to have to make some choices about what we do and we can’t afford everything. I keep thinking to myself it will give us an excuse to come back anyway!

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