Loving it here

When I was reading the LP it described Ko Samet as very over developed, infested with mosquitos and with a large collection of pesky stray dogs. Well just goes to show guidebooks are after all, only someone’s opinion. We have really liked it here and it has definitely been one of my favourite places we have visited in Thailand. Some of the stretches of beach are quite busy, but the roads are rustic to say the least, the accommodation is basic and cheap and there are definitely more young Thais here having a good time than package tourists or backpackers.

The beach is so gorgeous, powdery white sand and the sea is clearer than almost anywhere else we have been. We have had a lovely day, sitting in deckchairs catching a few rays on the beach. I have been listening to Faithless on my newly updated MP3 player and Simon has been recovering from a late night, he sat up watching the rugby. In the afternoon we had a snack of sweet sticky rice cooked in bamboo and fresh mango. So good.

Tomorrow we will be heading back to Bangkok and collecting the kids on Tuesday, can’t wait, sad as it sounds I feel like I have been ticking the days off until we get them back! On the way back from the beach we collect our laundry, never again will I under estimate what a fantastic invention washing machine and tumble driers are. Although the thrill of having clean clothes to wear is an emotion that I never experienced at home and definitely something I completely took for granted!

Well we’re both knackered and plan to get some food and then an early night. Although we are in theory only around 3 hours max from Bangkok, sometimes short journeys have a horrible habit of taking all day and we’re not too enthralled with the thought of a bus ride tomorrow.

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