Lazy Days

Ali hasn’t been very well for the past few days and spent all of yesterday in bed poor thing feeling crappy. Subsequently we have done nothing but that has suited us fine. We figure that once we arrive in China it will be much colder and there will be so much to see and do, we may as well take advantage and spending our time reading books, swimming and baking in the sun.

Mum went for a massage but although Simon asked me if I wanted to go I am too savvy for that and there’s no way I would put myself through that torture. Mum did look slightly shell shocked when she came out! The fact that the girl had walked all over her back was a bit of a surprise although not as much of a surprise Paul got when he asked the female receptionist what type of massages were offered! We explained that their shocked expressions were something to do with the fact that they weren’t used to being asked for extras!

All around the resort are huge coconut palms. The past few days a small team of fellas have been working on the trees chopping them all back, removing all the older branches and hacking down the bunches of coconuts. Watching the fella shinning up the tree is awesome. He has a rope tying his ankles together and uses this and his machete to help him up. How brave is he. I stand watching him with the Vietnamese phrasebook in my hand but can’t find “Oh my god aren’t you scared you might fall off” in it.

We eat at Little Mui Ne Cottages in the evening and share all our dishes. Off to bed now hope Ai is better tomorrow.

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