Lanta Longbeach Resort

Simon goes off on the coffee run and returns with 4 breakfast vouchers. Although I can’t face noodles, sausages and French toast they all tuck in and I stick to yogurt and fruit.
We have been considering exploring the island a bit but decide as the main reason to visit this area is for the beaches we will stay where we are. Besides the kids are having a lovely time in the pool and don’t even argue when I say we have to do some schoolwork. It is a beautiful place to have your lessons, over looking the sea and I think even they appreciate that.

We spend the day quietly, there is Wi-fi here so we answer a few emails and do a bit of research on the Krabi Province. I’m reading a book called American Gods which is very strange and keeps me entertained.

In the evening we catch a motorcycle taxi to a restaurant called Red Snapper, it is run by a Dutch couple and we have tapas which makes a change and the kids love it. We have had a lovely evening, chatting about their schoollife and playing memory games and catch a motorcycle taxi back around 10.30. These taxis are basically motorbikes with a wooden platform on wheels attached to them. You sit on a bench and pray, they don’t go very fast and there is no alternative transport but I’m glad when we get back safely.

We ask Maisie to get out and take a photograph of us on the thing and as she steps down she catches her foot and falls off face down with her leg trapped between the bars. Poor Maisie, she has really hurt her leg and will have a massive bruise on her thigh tomorrow. The taxi driver is so concerned and upset and Ali tells him we don’t need the hospital just a bit of TLC. Simon carries her back to our bungalow and we examine her leg, she is very brave, a real hero and even laughs when Simon says how gutted he is that the camera is still working which means we still can’t have a new one.

What a drama! I put them to bed, we are travelling to Krabi tomorrow and I think we have all had enough excitement for one evening. So lights out and off to sleep.

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