Today we are travelling to Krabi, on the Southwest coast of Thailand; it is described as having some amazing scenic karst formations, which attract international rock climbers at all levels, tropical forests and over 150 islands that were once hideouts for Asian pirates.

We spend the morning having breakfast, waffles today and the kids have a last play in the pool. At 11.30 the minibus we have arranged turns up and we pile in. We stop off at a few more hotels and pick up more passengers. Eventually the bus is full, all but one remaining seat. To our dismay the bus stops again and it appears another 2 passengers are about to get on. Simon and I are having none of it and express our unhappiness at 12 passengers sharing 11 seats loudly. Unfortunately none of the other passengers seem to share our concerns regarding safety and eventually we get out.

We now have only 25 minutes to make it to the pier and luckily we get a lift in the back of a pick up for free. The ferry ride then takes 2 hours. As we approach Krabi, Simon gets the camera out. It is of course very hot and the rocks and cliffs of Krabi seem to shimmer in the haze of the boiling afternoon sun. The sunlight reflects off the water and the blue sky is dotted with puffy white clouds. It makes a “picture postcard pretty” sight and we sit on the front of the boat watching the sandy beaches go by and getting fried!

We arrive at Krabi Pier and commandeer a trolley to move all our gear. A pick up taxi costs us 150 baht and we head off to The KR Mansion in Krabi town. Hardly a mansion, it is an informative small hotel with an extensive menu and will certainly do for a night or so. We are amused to see that we are right opposite the courts, although our amusement is tempered slightly when the prison van leaves, packed with Thai men in pale orange t-shirts, hanging through the bars. A reminder of the need to, at all times stay on the right side of Thai law. As if we planned to do anything but. It is fairly sobering when passing through borders to see “Death penalty for drug smugglers” stamped across the bottom of your immigration card.

Krabi town seems to be a smallish and busy place, with wide roads, coconut palms and tiny food vendor stalls along the way. There are many guesthouses catering to British, German and Scandinavian tourists and travellers and we see shops selling everything from dried fish to toiletries to fake designer gear. We are becoming less and less organised with our itinerary and at the moment haven’t even decided whether we are leaving tomorrow let alone where we may go next. Instead we have a few beers and some food and decide whatever will be, will be!

At 8pm Simon and the kids go back down to the bar to watch Chevy a Chase film. I lie on the bed after my 4th shower of the day and read my book and by 10.30pm we’re ready for sleep.

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