Hong Kong

After going through customs and immigration we caught the KCR rail line to Kowloon. We have booked some accommodation, through the hostelworld website we have been using throughout China, in “Chungking Mansions” on Nathan Road. Described as the crumbling home to scores of guesthouses our expectations aren’t very high and we’re not surprised to find a real dump when we arrive. Still it would have been ok apart from the completely unreasonable owner. It was a long story but in the end Simon and him had a big row over the state of the room and the cost and we decided to cut our losses and try elsewhere.

Right next door is The Holiday Inn. Simon has been saving points up on a loyalty card that allows us some free accommodation at Holiday Inns and we decide now is as good a time as any to use them. Hong Kong is a very expensive destination and any decent place will cost around 90-100 pounds a night so we go for that. It’s in a great location 5 minutes walk from Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s famous skyline. What a treat, after our time spent in China it’s a luxury to be in a good hotel and we can’t wait to jump in the bath and sample the complimentary bits and pieces.

We head off out for dinner and chose an Indian restaurant with good reviews. We are fairly conservative with our order but despite this our bill still comes to 47 quid. Oh my god, so glad we won’t be here too long.

At 8pm we go to the harbour front to watch the nightly light show. It’s very cloudy but it’s still really great. The lasers cut across the sky and the tall skyscrapers are lit with every different colour. It’s beautiful like a firework display and has a slightly surreal feel to be gazing out across the choppy water in the humid, warm breeze. Simon gets some fantastic photos to show off on our site.

We get back to the hotel and make some plans for tomorrow. We have discovered that all of Hong Kong’s museums are free on Wednesdays so plan to take advantage of this and will be heading off for a bit of history and culture.

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