Hong Kong Island & Victoria Peak

We have had a very good if tiring day today. Although we had set the alarm for 9am I was wide awake by 7.30 and up writing a few emails by 8. We have planned to spend the day sight seeing and after breakfast at Starbucks we set off on The Star Ferry for Hong Kong Island. The famous ferry has been taking passengers across Victoria Harbour for over 100 years and we told the kids Simon may have been on that exact ferry when he lived in Hong Kong as a baby!

From the ferry port we caught a bus up to The Peak. This is an expensive area to live in, as it is cooler and breezy up here and the views across the harbour are, on a clear day outstanding. The kids made us laugh they loved the bus ride and claimed never to have been on a double decker bus before. I’m not to sure about that but -simple things!

At the top we wander around taking a few photos before making our way up to the viewing platform on the top of a shopping and restaurant complex. We stop off for a drink and lunch at a Forrest Gump themed place. The food and the views are great but oh so pricy! Maisie has a blue drink that costs a fiver and despite the fact that it’s nothing more than slush and not very pleasant we all have a swig when she can’t finish it!

On the way down, we stop off at a gaming station where Ali kicks my arse in a boxing match on the Xbox and I have a go on Need for Speed Carbon on Nintendo Ds. Next on our list of things to do is ride the worlds longest escalator, this is Maisie’s choice but before we reach it we get distracted by the shops. We buy some CD’s- The View, Arctic Monkey’s, Towers of London and The Fray. They are quite expensive, around the same cost as in England but we are desperate for some new sounds on our MP3 players and don’t mind paying. We also buy a Lonely Planet Guide to Australia and NZ and choose the “On a shoe string” version as finances are starting to look a little tighter these days.

The world’s longest escalator turns out to be “nothing short of thrilling”(Sarcasm) even Maisie gets fed up and we decide to head back to Kowloon. We catch the MRT back to Nathan Road and Maisie and I take advantage of the rooftop pool for an hour. Its good having a bit of luxury, I feel of all the places we have stayed during our trip that Hong Kong has the most potential for having much fun and it’s cool to be staying somewhere really nice.

In the evening we go to a Brazilian style restaurant and have a great time. We have a buffet that includes lots of different types of salads, vegetables and puddings and the waiters continually bring different skewers to the table. The choices include legs of lamb, racks of beef, pork ribs, goose, sausages, chicken legs and squids to name just a few. We had a flag on the table to indicate if you want the waiters to keep offering and Simon was in 7th heaven! We have a bottle of red wine and leave there having once again overeaten with the sound of Brazilian guitars ringing in our ears.

Get back to The Holiday Inn and plan our last few days in Asia which basically results in no plan. We had thought about going to Disneyland tomorrow but having looked it up on the internet it isn’t geared towards older kids at all with Space Mountain being the only big ride. We weigh up the costs and in the end decide to give it a miss. We’ll think of something to do in the morning.

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