“Heartbreak Hotel”

Just woken the family up on our last day in Delhi with a bit Elvis, which as you can imagine was a bit of a shock wake up.

Coming to the end of our 4 days here I can confirm that on the surface it does conform to most of things said about it. It is dirty, smelly, busy, full of touts and so on. However if you are prepared to accept and even indulge these things you will find there is a lot more to found and experienced. There are some beautiful clean and calm places like the Lodi Gardens, with some wonderful old tombs in the middle of bustling city. A lot of time the smells, as you push, squeeze and dodge your way through the bazaars, are enticing aromas of fresh baked coconut biscuits, sweet snacks or spices. At other times the smells are so ‘well’ less than enticing that you can almost feel your nose recoiling. Touts are touts the same as anywhere, just a few more of them, they just want to get their commission. If, however, you are well informed and ready for the yarns they are going to spin you then you can just give them the brush off and avoid the hassles.

Delhi has been an intriguing city with lots to offer. We’ve seen some great sites, eaten some new foods and watched a lot of day to day Delhi life pass by.

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