Flight to London

We got up at 4.30 am and made our way to JFK airport. Now its time to go I guess I want to be there but as for wanting to go home- I don’t think so. The flight was on time and luckily we managed to get extra legroom seats and crash out for the majority of the flight.

Arriving at Heathrow was a miserable experience, massive queues and the most unfriendly immigration people ever. We had more conversation with the border guards in China (Who only spoke Mandarin) and it looks so dirty. On a more positive note- hmmm! Our car hire thing screwed up, and after a further 3 hours milling around the various terminals and Heathrow Sheraton Hotel we were at last on the M4 and on our way home.

2am- Just got in house all looks nice – thanks Mum and Paul. Off to bed now .Knackered.

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