Flight to China

I’m writing this diary entry from 37,000 feet. Today has been a very difficult day for us. I slept with Ali last night as he went to bed immediately when we returned from the airport and I was also feeling unwell.

When I woke up this morning I can honestly say I don’t ever remember feeling so ill. My head was splitting and my bones and joints felt like someone was tearing them apart. If it wasn’t absolutely essential to travel I would have stayed in bed all day and did in fact virtually beg Simon to change our travel plans. I thought we could perhaps stay in Vietnam in HCMC until I feel better and then get a flight to Hanoi and cross into China overland. The main flaws in this plan are that our visas expire tomorrow and if we miss our flight to Beijing our future flights may be cancelled.

In the end with a lot of help from Simon I drag my sorry arse out of bed. For the first time ever as an adult I have to have some help to shower and feel so ill I can’t even cry. I feel sorry for Simon, the kids aren’t too well either and it must be very hard trying to carry all the gear and look after us all. He’s so great and I thank my lucky stars that I have such a good travelling companion. This illness has just come at the wrong time. We are all feeling a bit low from Mum and Paul leaving and I’m very apprehensive about our visit to China. For the first time since we left I consider going home.

I feel like the day has passed in a haze of paracetamol, ibruprofen, caffeine and sugar. In an effort to relieve the headache and nerve pains I have been gobbling analgesia down like M&M’s and happily they do seem to have worked a bit. We flew from HCMC to Singapore where I bought some Clarins moisturiser, drenched myself in my favourite Vera Wang perfume and sat in a massage chair for two minutes ( had to get out – too painful).

8.30pm- at 5pm we boarded our flight to Beijing. The six hours seems to be going painfully slowly, I have watched a film with Will Smith called The Pursuit of Happiness, listened to a bit of music and now writing this. I read my diary entry for 17th Nov earlier (The last time I wrote this on board a flight). It seems such a long time ago and so many things have changed since then. I did cry as we took off, when we left Singapore last time we had our whole SE Asia adventure ahead of us, now we are almost halfway through.

Despite my complete and abject misery today I realise that I’m not ready to go home at all, just feeling unbelievably sorry for myself and hoping we’re all better tomorrow. If not then a few days in bed will do the trick I guess.

Our estimated flight arrival time is 11pm, its 9 now feeling really ill again so putting this down now. Only positive thing I can think is that Ali is slightly better today and therefore I guess this evil illness may be fairly short lived.

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