Darling Harbour, Shopping and Pitts Street

The first thing we did this morning was try and sort our packs out a bit. Once again we seem to be travelling with a few extras including a fishing rod given to Ali by Liz and Adrian in Katoomba. We have a good look at their schoolbooks and they’re so pleased to see we can send some home and ditch some. Maisie spends an hour doing some sats papers and Ali makes a check list of science subjects he has to cover again in more detail. Not much, only a bit on light and sound and matter. Good job really as school work has all but been abandoned recently!

We set of for Darling Harbour and the shops and whilst Ali and Simon go and look for some replacement piece for his PSP Maisie and I look for souvenirs. I have a look at the Didgeridoos but they are expensive and I know Simon will accuse me of being a tacky tourist lugging that about! We settle for a couple of boomerangs (No less tacky!!) and a few other bits and pieces.

After dropping our stuff at the hotel we set out again for Pitt Street. I’ve lost my favourite lipstick and am pleased to find MAC has it in stock. Cheaper than Bangkok too! We also get Maisie a new fleece top to keep her warm in frosty New Zealand.

Just got in, we walked down to see the Opera House lit up at night but it was really too cold to appreciate the experience. We decide to get take out for dinner, the kids have been dying to try Hungry Jacks and I had some Japanese food. Take away Japanese, what a great invention- love it!! We are flying to New Zealand in the morning- the trip is starting to fly by now and we’re beginning to think about going home and making some plans for then. (Actually I have been spending quite a bit of time planning our next RTW trip -Canada, Japan, South America, Nepal, Tibet and Western Australia – so far!)

Australia is so vast that I think until you come here it’s really difficult to comprehend how much time you need to see stuff. 6 weeks is nowhere near enough time to even experience all the East Coast has to offer and we have raced through New South Wales. There are so many great things Aussie has to offer – our favourites being the drive through beer barns, free BBQ’s, wide streets and abundance of parking spaces, more than their fair share of blue skies and sunny days, fascinating wildlife, amazing beaches, stunning scenery and oh so friendly people. (Its easy to sound like a sales brochure when writing about Australia as it is as great as everyone says!)

What our time here has done is given us a small taster of life here and I would love to come back in the summer especially to spend time in the Outback. We have had a lot of fun here and met some of the kindest people- just hope it won’t be too long before we come back. As the Aussies say- No worries mate! I reckon that’s definitely true!

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