Bondi Beach and coastal walk to Coogee

We woke up to the sound of workmen chattering away outside our window. (We’re on the 12th floor, I was a bit tempted to open the window and ask them to keep it down a bit!) We decide to get up and after dressing make our way back across the road to the YWCA for our freebie breakfast. It’s lovely and sunny and we have planned to catch the bus to Bondi Beach for the day. Unfortunately by the time we’ve got our shit together it’s clouded over a lot and we stick in our jumpers as well.

We catch the bus all the way up Oxford Street and eventually arrive at Bondi. We sit watching the surfers but decide as there are only a few waves and a lot of surfers that we’re going to give the surfing a miss for today. The beach isn’t as beautiful as lots of beaches we’ve been to but still its cool here and we have a good time despite the gusty winds.

We decide we will walk from Bondi to Coogee all along the coast. It’s a lovely walk and takes us around 2 and a half hours. We stop off on the way for a smoothie and then have lunch at a cute little cafe. The scenery is fantastic, loads of people are running along with their MP3 players clutched in their hands but we get creeped out when we enter the “atmospheric Waverley Cemetery” and the sun disappears completely. Maisie isn’t too happy to see some of the graves have been dislodged and opened! Still I think it is one of best final resting places I’ve seen. Can’t really beat that view.

We get the bus back and spend an hour or so in the spa and sauna. Although the pool is supposedly heated I’m too scared to try it as it’s breezy on the hotel roof despite the warm sun which has once again made an appearance.

Tomorrow is our last day in Australia and we’re going shopping for some souvenirs. I want to get a Didgeridoo but may settle for a Boomerang or two.

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