Ao Phia Resort

Its clear blue skies today and we virtually skip down the hill looking for some breakfast. We decide that we will check out some of Ko Samet’s other beaches on the net before deciding whether to move or not. I like it here and after checking the other beaches we decide to stay put, we had thought about going somewhere quieter but as its Saturday night we’re more in the mood to party than sit in some secluded restaurant. Anyway we ring a few places and they’re all full so that’s that, we’re going nowhere.

Ko Samet is full of young people down from Bangkok for the weekend; the amount of liquor that they have brought with them is impressive, I think even Simon, Alli, Adrian and me on a big night would be hard pushed to get through that lot, although if they were here I guess we would have a little go!

We have such a doss day, thanks to Cherie for suggesting we come here, it’s great, so different to Ko Chang, much busier but in a friendly party kind of way. We laze around on the veranda of our bungalow. In the evening we have a few beers and then phone home and talk to mum about their holiday plans, how exciting! We decide to have a BBQ on the beach for dinner, the kebabs are yummy and cheap and we have a few gins to wash them down.

After dinner we walk along the shores edge, there are fire twizzlers and the whole beach is buzzing with Thai’s partying hard. My sandals have bust so I walk along bare footed, I did try hopping along for a little while but it was slow progress and I gave it up in the end. We reach a bar and sit on floor mats at a low table; it’s a fantastic setting out on the rocks in a little sandy space. We listen to the music, very atmospheric “Come on Barbie lets go party” etc I love it! And watch some young couple having a row! As I am about to say “I’ll have a coffee please” some strange impulse causes me to say “I’ll have a frozen Margarita” and before I know I know it the dreaded tequila is on the table. (Cherie do you remember that night)

As we are leaving I see a big shell on the bar, I have a listen for the sea but get slightly confused as we are right on the beach so not too sure if the sea I hear is the actual sea or not, anyway the fella says I can have it, so nice of him. When I get it home it has I love Samed carved on it. A love shell -aaah!

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