Flight to New York

Today started well with Simon dancing around singing Frank Sinatra’s New York New York to us to wake us up. After breakfast we check out and drive to the Hollywood hills to see the famous Hollywood sign. It really lovely here, I would imagine like living in the countryside and I read that loads of Hollywood stars make their homes here.

We take some photographs and have a look around before heading back towards the airport. We have to drop the car back first and we say a sad goodbye to it. We have had a great time driving around America in this car and are truly sorry to see it go.

We board an American Airlines flight to JFK airport in New York at 4.15pm and are lucky enough to meet an angel flight attendant called Terri. She takes a shine to us and gives us all our food, drinks, kids’ packs, earphones and badges for free. This saves us quite a bit of money and we are so pleased, when we start to descend she turns up with some cookies from business class for us!

Despite the good flight it all goes downhill from here. When we arrive at baggage collection it appears my rucksack has disappeared. Oh my god what a nightmare, it is absolutely packed with my entire life and some things that are irreplaceable including all my jewellery (Wedding ring and silver necklaces Simon bought me in Australia and New Zealand), plus loads of new toiletries, all my cosmetics, hair straighteners, hair dryer, $200 worth of new clothes we bought for Maisie, books I have been lugging about, clothes etc etc. I’m just heartbroken and even more upset when we go to lost baggage to hear they haven’t even managed to trace it yet.

This delays us at the airport for 2 hours and by the time we arrive at the hotel its 2am. Feeling very upset and not too reassured that I will eventually get it all back. Off to bed now miserable at the thought of wearing the same clothes for the next 2 days and having to use some crappy airline toothbrush.