Universal Studios Hollywood

We wake up early and set off for Universal Studios- Simon got some offer from Burger King last night after looking on the internet for offers and this has saved us $60. A good job as it’s very expensive and really our last final fling of the trip.

We don’t have to go too far as we are staying on Lankershim Blvd a few blocks up from Universal. We arrive about 1030 and park up. Before entering the park we walk along the food and shopping strip and have a quick look at a few places.

The first ride we chose to go on is the House of Horrors. Oh my god what a mistake that turned out to be, it seemed fairly tame at first but was so scary that poor Maisie was absolutely terrified. The final straw was when a 3 foot high, murderous Chucky ran out from behind a gravestone and chased her. Maisie was just hysterically crying and frozen with fear. Chucky tried to help by standing still and then beckoning us forward towards the emergency exit but I virtually had to drag her along, although I stroked Chucky’s arm to show her he was ok it ended with us both sat outside crying. I felt so bad for taking her in there.

Luckily her best friends in the whole world The Simpsons were close by and along with Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Woody Woodpecker and Curious George they managed to cheer her up and bring a smile back. We decide to do something definitely safe and go on the 45 mins backlot tour of the studios. It really good fun and informative and we can see where loads of different films and TV shows have been shot. The effects are so cool, loads of fire and explosions etc plus we see Jaws and where Desperate Housewives is currently being filmed.

We go on all the attractions and they are mostly really good. I liked The Mummy Returns the best but Maisie wouldn’t go on it and we had to take it in turns- so I went on with Ali after him and Simon had already been on -this was good because he told me where the scary bits were!

We get back about 7pm and have a merciless cull on our rucksacks, I know there isn’t any point in taking half the scruffy old gear we have been wearing for months home as we won’t be wearing it again. Plus I want lots of new stuff when we get back!

1100 off to bed now we’re flying to New York tomorrow for our final leg. Can’t wait to see “The Big Apple” but also excited about going home so all is good. Goodnight.