Los Angeles

We set our alarm and went to wake the kids next door who have in the short time we have been in the US adopted Jerry Springer as their favourite show. Tearing them away from it we get some breakfast before continuing west along highway 10 towards LA.

At lunch time we decide to stop off at Palm Springs for something to eat, this desert oasis has been popular with Hollywood stars for years and it is obviously a rich place. Despite the fact that the surrounding desert is almost completely devoid of all colour, a white, rocky barren land, Palm Springs is green and leafy with palm trees and long straight boulevards lined with hotels, golf courses and expensive deli’s.

We get some lunch and get back in the car. We drive past the Joshua Tree National Park where U2 wrote and recorded their album of the same name and try and decide whether or not to make the 3 hour detour around to the park entrance. It is tempting to go and see the Joshua Trees but in the end we decide it’s too late in the afternoon already and carry on to LA as planned.

We arrive in North Hollywood around 7pm and check into the Comfort Inn. The area is ok and the place is nice and we have a quick shower before heading out again. We want to go to Hollywood and Sunset Blvd and after driving round in circles for half an hour eventually find a place to park at the Hollywood and Highland shopping mall. There is a jazz concert taking place and we stand and listen for a while before getting dinner.

Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum grabs the kid’s attention and we decide to go and have a look around. It’s really good with loads of interesting and weird exhibits that the kids love including a life-size model of Marilyn Monroe made of shredded dollar bills, a shrunken head, part of the Berlin Wall, instruments of torture, a two headed lamb, a human hair bikini and photographs of a double eyed man amongst loads of other crazy stuff!

We walk along Hollywood Blvd and look at all the stars along the pavement. We see loads we have heard of and more we haven’t, it’s a really busy lively place with street entertainers, tourists and homeless people all crowded together. By now its 1130 and I think its time to leave, I don’t feel really unsafe but I’m glad when we get back in the car.

Back at the hotel we plan for tomorrow, we want to have a good look around but another late night means we’re not going to rush out in the morning. Off to bed now.