Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

We woke up a bit earlier today and make some plans to go and see some of the remaining casinos. First we head for Caesars Palace and watch the Atlantis Fountain show and then to the glittering Wynn. This is Las Vegas’ newest hotel and we are expecting something special as Steve Wynn the owner has built it with the proceeds from the sale of Bellagio.

We decide to take the car as it’s so hot here walking around, even a mile, is almost impossible and we are tired from yesterday. Wynn is absolutely beautiful inside; imagine the most ostentatious, gilded palace, full of light and with an artificial lake and waterfall and only the most expensive designer stores alongside a more exclusive looking casino area where the gamblers all sit in rooms with craps, roulette, poker and blackjack being played alongside the rows of fruit machines.

We have lunch there; the food is excellent and then walk back to the car. We were supposed to be leaving this afternoon but we decided to stay. I think 3 days is perhaps perfect for Vegas and will give us time to see a few more things. We go shopping for clothes and get the kids some new stuff. Ali is so pleased to have some new jeans and insists on wearing them in the evening despite the heat. One of the best shops we go in has loads of signed rock memorabilia- the Jimi Hendrix guitar was my favourite, me and Ali just stood looking at it for ages going “wow Jimi signed that- cool!”

Around 8pm we head back out again, this time to TI, the old Treasure Island pirate show has been recommended to us by Shirley and Adrian but when we get there we realise the “swash buckling buccaneers” have been replaced by the “Sirens of Pirates Cove!” We get some dinner first and then manage to snaffle a good spot on the bridge. The show is good, kind of a stripper show really but we enjoyed it anyway!

Back at Circus Circus we get some Krispy Kreme donuts. Pretty bad at midnight I know! The kids have been, at times, completely evil since we have been in the US and I can only think that the deterioration in their behaviour must be due to a combination of such late nights and eating crap. The food is actually really delicious, but although we have ordered salads with every meal they invariably come smothered in some fattening (scrummy dressing) and I am a bit worried about the lack of vegetables and fruit. With so much on offer they have also asked for things non stop- mardigras beads, candy floss, chocolate covered strawberries, snow globes, badges, laser pens, ice creams etc etc – the list just goes on and on!! We have bought them loads of bits and pieces but somehow here what ever you buy wouldn’t be enough!

Tomorrow we have another massive drive ahead, we are going to the Grand Canyon and then onto Flagstaff. Not nearly enough time here but hey better then being in Tahiti any day!!