Calico to Las Vegas

Simon and I both woke up at 4am this morning and lay there, so excited about driving to Vegas. It’s a bit like waking up early on Christmas morning! We pack up our gear and set off in the Mustang for the Ghost Town of Calico, as we leave we have our photo taken by the road sign. Barstow, where we spent last night is on the historic Route 66 and we see a few people as we travel along living out their dreams, cruising along on their Harleys.

Calico was once a silver mining town established in 1881 and we learn that $86 million worth of silver was mined here until the price of silver collapsed and the town eventually closed. We’re lucky, when we arrive there isn’t anyone else here and the place truly looks as deserted as we would hope and expect. We look around the saddlers, saloon, barbers and small museum before heading up the hill towards the ice creams. We put some Elvis on the Wurlitzer and enjoy a few moments of complete nostalgia.

Back on the road we drive for a couple of hours and suddenly sooner than we expect we have arrived in Vegas. Oh my god! How fantastic! Almost too much to take in we pass the famous casinos that we have read so much about -New York New York, Paris, The Venetian, Flamingo, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace to name a few. The strip is just completely amazing, far bigger than I imagined and we gaze around drinking it all in, all talking at once as we each spy some new astonishing thing.

We check into Circus Circus where we have reserved two nights and are thrilled when we go to pay to find that Dad and Pauline have paid the remainder of our bill. Thank you so much- what a lovely surprise! Our room is great- quite luxurious and we chuck our gear in before heading downstairs to explore. This place is massive, the huge casino areas almost dwarfed by the Adventuredome and circus area. There are also loads of shops, boutiques, a wedding chapel and restaurants. I think we could probably spend all day in here and never even go anywhere else.

At 7pm we decide we are going to walk along the strip and set off in the still boiling heat. Its dark by now and the lights are nothing short of unreal. Blazing away, the millions of watts light the strip like an overloaded fairy grotto. Although the temperatures are almost unbearable I take my jumper as the air-conditioning in the hotels is fierce. We walk for what seems like miles, passing Treasure Island and MGM Grand as we want to see the famous fountains of Bellagio. Oh wow! It’s absolutely beautiful, the gorgeous fountain display is elegant, moving and really out of this world. Ali and Maisie love it and it makes me cry it’s so good.

We have dinner in the Harley Davidson Restaurant; the Harleys are moving all around the roof on a sort of pulley system- awesome! We get 3 meals between us but should have really only got 2 as they were so big and we didn’t eat everything even though we tried. We get a cab back to Circus Circus around midnight and although I didn’t feel tired we completely flake.