Walu Beach Show

When we made our way to breakfast this morning we were so pleased to see pancakes and maple syrup on offer-Yum! We settle by the pool and sit watching the kids all playing around. Maisie, Conor and Megan have a largish collection of Hermit Crabs and seem to be spending a lot of time lavishing attention on them. It’s good to see them splashing around in the pool and Maisie practises her front crawl.

Ali and Simon take the sea kayaks out into the bay and do a bit of snorkelling. I wondered whether they would be disappointed having dived at The Great Barrier Reef but they said it was good and they saw loads of different types of fish and some coral. The weather today is a bit overcast but still really hot and it makes us laugh to see the staff wrapped up in their warm clothes, It very humid also and I seem to have caught the sun a lot when I strip off for a shower later on in the afternoon

Early in the afternoon Shane, Carol and their kids go off to the village for a couple of hours and Maisie and I lie together chatting away, it’s very peaceful and we have a lovely restful afternoon.

We meet in the bar and have a few drinks before dinner and then watch Ali and the guys playing their guitars for about an hour. There is a big group of American students here who have been working as volunteers. Not bad, they have been doing some conservation work in New Zealand (2 weeks) then an outward bound bit in Australia and then an optional week in Fiji. (All accredited towards their course- what a great degree that is!) Anyway they love Ali’s guitar playing and he has a dedicated bunch of groupies there.

Around 9.30 the show starts- this is a mixture of singing, dancing and comedy and we have a great time. The 4 entertainment fellas work really hard to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and the night ends with a bonfire on the beach. As we head off to bed I look back and see wild flames being blown across the beach and up the palm trees!