Sunbathing & Hobicat

We were all awake fairly early this morning, my broken tooth is aching a lot and the pain only seems to be controlled with at least 3 Fiji Golds (Beer) 2 paracetamol and 2 Ibuprofen a day. Good diet eh?!

Ali has been up since about 4.30 and by 8am we’re all ready for breakfast, there is more choice today and I have some fruit and cereal whilst Simon wolfs down a pile of bacon etc!

We spend the day quietly by the pool. Carol and I have a lot in common and chatter away like old friends. Shane and Simon decide to take one of the Hobi Cat’s out for a couple of hours sailing and we watch them trying to catch the wind making their way back and forward across the bay. When they come back one of the guys Mel asks them if they will answer a few questions about the resort which of course they’re glad to do. It was all a big scam! and took them a few minutes to realise when they came back that Ziggy had actually been under the table all the time merrily painting their toenails pink!

We have dinner together and a few beers. It’s really great here as there are only around 30 guests we are getting to know everyone and there is a very happy and friendly atmosphere. We have been thinking about taking a trip to see one of the local villages but need a few more days rest before we attempt anything as energetic as walking to the end of the pier and into the boat.