Walu Beach Resort

We didn’t wake up until 9.30 today and almost missed breakfast. Still after wolfing down a few slices of toast we’re ready for the main aim of the day which is to do as least as possible.

Another family arrived yesterday afternoon, after us and we sit chatting to them by the pool. Shane is a Navy doctor and his wife Carol was an ITU nurse until she had their 3 children, Connor, Megan and Neve. They tell us they have been living in New Zealand for a year before returning to Portsmouth and that they lived in Plymouth fairly recently where Shane worked at Derriford. We have a lovely day with them and despite the age difference- their children are younger than Ali and Maisie they all get on well.

We spend the afternoon lying on the beach, chatting about raising children and frying in the sun before showering and getting ready for dinner. We have a choice of meals, I choose fish and when it arrives I’m surprised how good it is, we have definitely chosen a real winner with this place.

The slight downside is the return of mosquitoes and sandflies, we’re all bitten all over despite using loads of repellent, coils and knockdown spray and in the end I go to bed fairly early feeling a bit frazzled and thankfully avoiding the balloon dance competition arranged by Sonny and Ziggy!