I set the alarm early this morning and was up and showered by 8am ready to go and explore our surroundings in the daylight. This hostel is quite big and we are staying in the parrots building. Everyone else wakes up after I clatter around and we head for breakfast which is complimentary. It’s really lovely to be able to sit outside wearing my skirt, t-shirt and flip-flops and I think it’s perhaps a bit warmer than I expected. (It is winter here)

We dig out our suncream and mosquito repellent and after breakfast of toast, fruit and coffee settle ourselves by the pool. It�s a really friendly hostel and I sit chatting to a big group of girls (All English) after exchanging the usual “where are you going where have you been?” it seems that half are at the end of the trips and some near the start as they began in America. We of course are amongst the group at the end of our trip.

A few weeks ago we decided that for several reasons we were going to cut our trip short. This has been a really difficult decision and one that we thought a lot about. Coming to terms with the fact that we are going home soon has taken a lot of accepting and a few tears to say the least. On a more positive note, for us this is the start of a lifetime of travelling around the world and has only fired our enthusiasm even more for getting out there and doing it. Definitely not the end of The Bowmans Travels!

6pm – We’ve had a lovely day, sat by the pool, swimming and reading. I started Harry Potter today and have just been so lazy only stirring for half an hour or so at lunchtime to get a sandwich .Its boiling and our pale white bodies seemed to frazzle in the scorching sun. In no time at all Ali has burnt and has been banished to the room. Simon has been out for a few hours to sort out our onward travel to one of the surrounding islands. In the end he has decided on Malolo Island which isn’t too far from here and my only requests were a decent beach and cheap accommodation.

I’m a bit alarmed when he returns minus one sandal to hear he fell down a manhole whilst out. He has a big cut on his foot and leg. With all our other hassles of the past few days it is a bit upsetting. Anyway he said he was fine, not really hurt just a bit shaken up. Bless.

As its Saturday night the hostel have a show later and when we go down for dinner Ali plays his guitar with the resident players for an hour. What a star, he got him and Maisie free cheesecake from the owner for that. Then its time for the show and its fantastic, such good fun, entertaining and funny with loads of dancing, singing and fire eating. The group of about 10 islanders perform dances from Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti and Fiji and they look amazing with their grass skirts, long hair, tribal tattoos and flowery headdresses. It all gets a bit wild when one of the girls burns her belly! It looked so painful and she dropped her firey thing into the crowd but we had a great time and went to bed very happy and full of it.

In Fiji now!

In Fiji now, next post maybe up to a week as we’re off to the islands and we’re told there is no internet access.