New Zealand to Fiji

We suddenly remembered last night that we hadn’t confirmed our flights and Simon borrowed Nick’s computer to do so. Good job as apparently our flight isn’t until 6pm tonight and we would have been gutted if we had got up at 4am and rushed to the airport only to be told our flight wasn’t for another 13 hours! As it was we didn’t get up until late and spent the morning researching places to stay in Fiji. It looks beautiful and I’m so excited and can’t wait to get there now.

Simon books a backpackers close to Nadi airport for tonight and we plan to make our way to a beach resort tomorrow or the day after. At 3pm Nick takes us to the airport having managed to get off early from work in order to be able to do so (Saving us around 50 dollars in taxi fare) we say our goodbyes and send Roni our love and thanks. They’ve been so great and we’re really grateful to them both.

We check in, pay our 75 dollars departure tax and make our way upstairs to the bar. Maisie, Ali and I then wander around the bookshop for ages before making our decisions on which books to buy for our beach holiday of the next few weeks. We get Ali the final Alex Rider book and I chose A Thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseini- author of The Kite Runner).

Soon its time to board and after driving the plane for what seems like ages around the airport the pilot takes off. As the flight is destined for LA we are pleased to see it’s a big jumbo and get nicely settled for the 2 and a half hours to Nadi. As usual with the short flights the time literally seems to fly and before long we start to descend.

As we get off the plane the warm, balmy tropical air hits us. Hurray!!! So so glad to be here and our high expectations of Fiji are all confirmed, as we collect our baggage we’re serenaded by a 4 piece band of guitarists playing some kind of hula music! We have arranged a free pick up from the airport and are herded into a mini van with another few people. When we arrive I’m so happy. The Nadi Bay Resort Backpackers is really good, much better than I expected for the money we have paid. (112 Fijian dollars- exchange rate 3 dollars to the pound) and has 2 swimming pools, 3 restaurants and a huge room for us that we’re sharing.

10pm- The kids are a bit tired and moaning so we stick them up in the room and tell them they have to stay there whilst we go for a beer downstairs. On the whole trip I think we have only done this maybe a few times but its good to get away from them for half an hour and have a beer in peace!

11pm- Off to bed now feeling really tired and so happy to have to put the aircon instead of the electric blanket.