Last day in New Zealand

Well at last our last day here has arrived and we spend it organising ourselves ready for our flight to Fiji tomorrow. First to do is to get to the dentist and see if I need something temporary doing to my tooth. After driving around 2 or 3 medical centres we eventually get an appointment at 1045. I’m completely petrified and snappy, which isn’t too helpful as Maisie’s still really poorly. I’m finding it very stressful as I don’t want to leave her at Nick and Roni’s without any way to contact us and the poor thing dozes in the car as we sit outside the dentist waiting for my appointment.

I needn’t have worried, the dentist was lovely and after pulling my filling about with that jabby thing they use informed me that despite the fact half my tooth is missing the filling is stable and should last for the next 5 weeks whilst we are in the South Pacific Islands. Good- no drilling today. We make our way to the shopping mall and get a few things we need, Maisie seems to have made a miraculous recovery for the time being anyway and insists on gobbling down a plate of sushi for lunch.

Of all the places we had to visit on our trip New Zealand was the place I was the least excited about. For years I had imagined it to be very much like England with sheep and rugby and in many ways it is a bit like that. What I wasn’t really prepared for though is how beautiful it is, we have seen some of the most stunning scenery here of our whole trip and despite the sometimes more than freezing weather we have had fun here. The highlights of New Zealand for me have definitely been the 3 days we spent skiing and snow boarding. We LOVED it. So much fun, I never thought I would enjoy it so much and proudly displayed my bruises and injured knee.

Milford Sound was awesome and Whale Watching in Kaikoura was a wonderful and moving experience that seemed to sum up New Zealand for me. I’ll never forget it. We’ve met some friendly people along the way, especially the shearers in Waipura and of course Nick and Roni. A massive thanks to them for letting us stay with them. It has been a relief today to let Maisie sit and watch DVD’s all afternoon in the comfort of a home rather than a hotel and we owe them big time.

We have to get up really early, I think around 4am for our flight to Nadi tomorrow. We have checked with the UK foreign office and despite last December’s coup it seems it’s completely safe to travel there. Good news for us, unfortunately for the Fijians their tourism industry has been badly damaged and prices are therefore much cheaper than they were a year ago. Can’t wait to get there and get some sunshine. BBC World Weather said its 29 degrees and intermittent sunshine. That will do nicely.