Mt Eden, Shopping & Hospital!

We didn’t wake up until nearly 10am and had a very slow start to the day. Simon and Nick used to play rugby together for OPO’s and as Nick has been living in New Zealand for years they have a bit of catching up to do.

We drive out to Mt Eden, one of 38 extinct volcanoes around Auckland city. Maisie is a bit concerned we might have to walk to the top but to her obvious relief we drive up. We stand and look down into the crater which is really cool, it’s very windy up here and we have fantastic views of the city and landmarks which an extremely knowledgeable Nick points out to us.

After lunch at Nando’s, Nick showed us around the city some more before we head to an art and craft centre to buy a few souvenirs. There are loads of really nice things but as usual we don’t buy too much and settle for a cheese board and knife set thing. We’ve eaten loads of cheese and biscuits here and I figured we will be reminded of here when we sit with our wine and cheese at home reminiscing about the trip.

By now Maisie is complaining of bellyache so we set off home stopping off at Borders to get a Lonely Planet for the South Pacific Islands and the latest Harry Potter book. The LP is going to cost 57 dollars and Nick kindly says we can have his copy- what a star! Just after we arrive Roni gets home and we plan to get pizza later for dinner. Unfortunately our plans don’t work out too well as by 6pm Maisie is crying with her tummyache and we decide to take her to the hospital for a check. A relatively painless hour later, minus 85 dollars we leave, clutching a prescription for antibiotics and analgesia. (Another drama dealt with!)

Ali and Roni have been watching the film The Great Escape and after ordering pizza we crash out with a few beers. Tomorrow we have to sort our shit out ready for the flight to Fiji on the 3rd.