Blue Mountains

We set our alarm for 7 and by 9am we’re on our way. What a long and tiring day, not boring, the scenery is far too beautiful. I love our drive through miles and miles of gum trees and decide I actually like it more than the Queensland coast. It has a wildness about it that I find really invigorating and it makes me want to get out and walk around. Unfortunately though there is no time for any of that. We drive solidly for hours only stopping really briefly to buy a drink. At 2pm we arrive in Sydney, this is where things go wrong and unwittingly Simon drives through an “e toll”. We have a big row about this; I won’t go into any details other than to say I was right.

We make our way to Apollo and I give the thing a quick clean, we get our 150 dollars of fuel money refunded. (In total we spent 70 dollars of our own money) not bad when we add it to the 80 or so it cost us so far. A grand total of around 70 quid for 3 nights accommodation and travel for all 4 of us. Bargain!

We get a taxi to the airport where we are collecting a hire car for the next few days from Hertz. The lady has kindly given us an upgrade on the car and it’s a good sized Toyota Camry. We pile all our stuff in and set off for the final 2 hours of today’s journey out to The Blue Mountains. We arrive in the darkness and I’m completely knackered. It’s freezing here and as we are at an elevation of around 1000m the icy wind is blasting us when we get out of the car. The guesthouse though is gorgeous, with a lovely fire warming the place through, cosy bedrooms and a pile of magazines I’m in heaven and off to bed right now.