Byron Bay

Oh my god I don’t think the alarm went off and unfortunately we didn’t wake up until 7.45. Bill and Toni are up and rushing around as Toni has to leave soon for work. Bill makes us some breakfast and we sit eating eggs and toast before throwing our stuff in Bills car. As he isn’t going back to Glassford until tomorrow he has kindly offered to take us to the Motorhome place. It’s a long way and would have been a real pain on the bus so we’re chuffed about this.

We say our goodbyes to Toni for the second time. I’m very sorry to have to say goodbye and invite them to come and stay with us in England anytime. They have made our time in Australia with their overwhelming kindness towards four complete strangers and if anyone has a ton of good karma owed it must be them. A pair of real life Aussie angels. For anybody reading this site who is thinking of visiting Australia the Farmstay was our favourite experience here and we would recommend it to everyone. So go do it!

We get to the rental place and after sorting out all the paperwork, watching the complicated and comprehensive safety video, that worried me more than if I had been left in blissful ignorance and paying a total cost of 82 dollars (we took out 45 dollars of extra insurance cover to reduce the excess and paid for gas and linen) we’re finally off. We say goodbye to Bill, promise to keep in touch and hit the road. Pacific Highway here we come, only 983 km to go.

The van is massive, a six sleeper Winnebago, very posh with on board TV, DVD, shower, toilet and microwave etc. I feel a bit nervous as it’s so big but Simon’s cool and as we’re soon on the highway he has the opportunity to get used to driving it on a really good road. An hour or so down the road and we stop off at Byron Bay to get some supplies and check out the beaches, the surf and the lighthouse. It is beautiful, very green with loads of trees, little volcanic mountains and the most spectacular beaches. The views from the lighthouse are awesome and despite the freezing blowy wind Maisie and Simon walk right out along a path to the most Easterly point of mainland Australia. Finally we cross the state border and leave Queensland “Perfect one day, paradise the next!” behind.

We have a quick walk on the beach after lunch and stop to look at the waves. We’re thinking now of leaving our surfing lessons until we get to Fiji or Tahiti as we’re too chicken as it’s so cold! Back in the van and we motor along for another few 100 k. We have decided to stop at a place called Yamba for the night and find a gorgeous campsite with loads of facilities. Ali cooks our dinner for us and does a great job and after Maisie washed up we sat back to watch a DVD. Having a really great time and looking forward to seeing a bit more of New South Wales tomorrow.