Brisbane City

We wake up at a more reasonable time this morning and after breakfast get a taxi to Capalaba Central. From here we get the bus to the city centre and spend a few hours wandering around, admiring some of the older architecture including the beautiful Queenslander houses. These graceful wooden houses are stunning with the intricate lattice work and we decide we want one if ever we decide to move to Australia. There are also some colonial style buildings such as the treasury as well as huge skyscrapers fitted in between.

We have sushi for lunch to the kids delight and a hot chocolate overlooking the city river. It’s freezing and as the wind is howling through the buildings I’m glad we have bought ourselves a few warmer items of clothing. We get the back and meet up with Bill and his daughter Billie for a lift home. Bill is cooking tonight and creates a great dish of prawns and homemade chilli sauce with rice. We have a beer and sitting chatting to all the girls when Bill and Toni take Billie home.

We pack up our gear and get ready to leave in the tomorrow. I feel sad about this, usually I’m happy enough to move on but we’ve had such a great time here I don’t really want to go. On the other hand we have managed to score a 6 sleeper Winnebago Motorhome for a dollar day for the drive from here to Sydney. We have 3 days to get there and will pick it up in the morning around 9am. That sounds cool and I am excited about it, hopefully it will save us some money also.

Off to bed now plan to leave around 8am so early start.