Oh my god we didn’t wake up until 11am. How lazy is that we must have been knackered and needed it but I’m shocked when we see the time. Felicia and Gabby’s father turns up and gives us a ride to the shopping malls. This is cool as it’s really raining heavily and we would have got soaked. We asked Toni where we could buy some cheap clothing and she suggests the local Thrifty store.

When we think about it it’s a good idea, as we need a lot of warm clothes and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars. In the end we buy 2 jumpers, a long sleeved t-shirt and a scarf for me, a coat for Ali, a fleece and a couple of long sleeved shirts for Simon and a hat and scarf for Maisie. The whole lot came to around 55 dollars and we left pleased with our cheapo spending session.

We set off to find some internet access and ask at the library. We have to join and the internet is really slow but still we get an hour each for free and at least catch up a bit on a few emails. We spend most of the afternoon there, the kids read a bit and we try and find a relocation deal on a motor home for the next few days. No luck with that yet I guess we will have to keep trying there.

Toni left the house early this morning and when we asked her for a key she told us just to walk right in. This makes us laugh, very strange in comparison to England but nice too that she feels secure enough in this area to be able to do that.

We give her a ring and ask what they would like for dinner. Bill is arriving from Glassford this afternoon and when we’re walking around Woolworths buying the food we spy him walking up the aisle towards us. He tells us he came to find us and has left Ali sat outside watching a trolley of food. We have bought enough to feed everyone and although I’m slightly alarmed at the thought of cooking for 9 people it goes ok. I chose to cook Mexican food and it turns out well. We get Toni some flowers and chocolates to say thanks for putting us up. We share bottle of wine and have a toast to our new friendship!

It’s really cold now. I’m sat fully dressed in Felicia’s bed typing this. Tomorrow we have to try and get some stuff organised and make some plans to move on. As much as we love it here I feel guilty as we are kicking Gabby and Felicia out of their beds and I’m sure they will be glad to get them back.