Greyhound to Rockhampton

Simon woke me up early this morning. I slept like a log and it takes me ages to wake up properly. (Still swaying!) We had a quick shower and chucked on our warmest stuff before making our way up to reception where we have to wait for the courtesy bus to take us to the Greyhound Terminal at 11. It is pissing it down and fairly cold. All I can think off is the fact that I’m so glad we aren’t joining Rowan, Oscar and Jason on the sailing trip today. We hear a girl saying she has cancelled her trip as its so stormy looking.

The bus eventually arrives a bit late and we all pile on. It will take at least 7 hours to get to Rockhampton but to be honest I’m quite looking forward to sitting doing nothing all day and don’t really mind. The first hour or so goes quite quickly, the last Harry Potter film is showing and we all sit glued to it despite having seen it loads of times before. I stare out of the window as we carry on. The land is very flat, quite bare and barren looking and so much space! We seem to drive for miles without seeing anything other than fields and a few trees. I imagined as the East Coast is the most heavily populated part of Australia that we would drive past lots of towns on our way but so far it’s not been like that and we don’t see much on the way.

We stop at a truck stop around 2.30pm and have 4 of the most toxic sandwiches I have ever seen. I refuse to eat mine and save it for later when I’m really hungry and might be able to force it down. Eating cheaply and healthily here seems to be a contradiction in terms and unless we cook our own food our budget limits us to Hungry Jacks, McDonalds, Red Rooster and KFC. Despite being a junk food addict even I have got fed up with it and feel quite unhealthy these days.

I listen to my new music on my MP3 on the way and read a few magazines. At last we arrive and ring the Rockhampton YHA to come and get us. About 20 minutes walk out of town, it’s a decent hostel with porta cabin type accommodation, shared kitchen and TV lounge.

We walk to the nearest supermarket, a large Woolworths and buy lots of fruit, some salad, cheese and yogurt. None of us could face a big dinner tonight and we just picked at fruit and carrot sticks. The kids then watched TV and I sit typing this. We’re not really too sure what we’re doing here in “Rocky” but decide to sort that out tomorrow. We have a vague idea of hoping to sort out a farm stay over next few days. Tired now off to bed.