Costal Walk

Woke up feeling really bone tired this morning, still swaying a lot and seem to have developed a number of bruises and aches and pains in muscles I didn’t realise I had. Rowan said that despite the lack of cardio exercise on the boat, sailing is physically demanding and I guess now we’re back on terra firma I am feeling it a bit.

We had a lovely morning, slow breakfast and then some schoolwork, maths today which went well and I learnt something also. (Long division). We caught the bus into town and had a wander around the harbour area. All the towns we have visited so far on the East Coast have very similar sea front areas. With manmade salt water lagoons, children’s playgrounds, lots of grass and BBQ’s they are a great place for hanging out by.

We book some onward bus tickets to Rockhampton, leaving tomorrow at 11am and go to Nando’s for lunch. We check our emails and reply to a few from friends. Also heard from Lou the girl we met in Cambodia today. She’s off on holiday again soon I didn’t think it would take her too long! After stopping off at the book exchange and picking up a copy of Lonely Planet Sydney City Guide, we walk back to the hostel along a lovely coastal path which takes us around an hour. We stopped for a drink at the yacht club on the way and I laughed to myself when Maisie asked loudly “Where’s our yacht moored?” (What a blagger!)

In the evening we meet up with Tracey for dinner. She returned from sailing the day we went and also had a good time although apparently was very seasick for most of her two days. It’s great to catch up with her and have a good chat. She tells us she loves it in Airlie beach and is staying on for a bit longer than she had originally planned. (Partying!) We all have cheapo steak and plan to catch up again in Sydney. We’re heading to New Zealand and Fiji around the same time also so I guess we’ll see her again.

Get back to the hostel and decide to walk up the road and make a few phone calls home. Have a good chat with Mum and Dad and Pauline and wish Dad and Paul a Happy Fathers Day. Simon also speaks to his Mum and after an hour of standing in a phone box in the freezing wind I’m almost blue and ready to snuggle up in bed with some chocolate and a coffee.

Packed our gear, all our clothes are washed and dried at last. Managed to pinch this week’s copy of OK from the pile of magazines in the TV lounge for the bus ride tomorrow! He He!