Well we got our wish, woke up at 8 today to see clear blue skies and bright sunshine -hurray! Everyone slept a lot better, (despite Maisie sleep talking!) and we motor slowly out of the bay. We are heading for a resort island and in no time we are taking advantage of the gusty winds and hoisting the sails. It’s an incredible feeling and I always thought I would love it but considered it to be an expensive, snobby and elitist pastime in England. When I talk to Rowan about this he agreed and despite his long sailing experience didn’t sail when he lived in England for 6 months for that reason.

It’s so exciting once the winds get up and Maisie loves it. Absolutely thrilling when the boat is leaning right over and none of us seem to really notice when we get a drenching every now and then! It seems too soon when after an hour we reach the island resort. We all have slightly different agenda’s for our time there. Nadine, Princess and Oscar go for a walk. Simon and the kids swim. Jason and Rowan stay on board to clean the boat and prepare lunch and I take advantage of the hot sun and strip off for a tanning session by the pool.

After lunch which included fish caught by the fella’s we start to make our way back. We sail nearly all the way, which I’m thrilled about. It’s so cool! Although the trip has cost us loads it has definitely been worth it. I have really enjoyed the flexibility of being on a smaller boat and Rowan, Jason and Oscar have all tried really hard to make sure we had a great time. The food was fantastic and we have had a lot of laughs and loads of fun. We swap music from Rowans laptop to my MP3 player, getting into the Aussie stuff now love Powderfinger! Despite a slightly rocky start with a bit too much fast sailing excitement for the kids, their seasickness never returned and they had a great time.

When we get back to Bush Village I’m quite surprised to see that despite not having a shower for 3 days I don’t look too bad, a bit piratey I guess but generally quite healthy and tanned. Glad to be back on dry land though. Feeling so so tired.

Got a take out roast dinner for our evening meal, what a great invention that is. Feeling quite landsick if that’s the right word now. Probably be swaying for days. Going to catch up on some emails now and then crash out for the night. Zzzzzzzzzz!