The Whitsunday Passage

I woke up around 7.30 having had a slightly disturbed night. It started raining sometime during the night and the noise was pretty loud. As the tide turned, the waves hit the side of the boat causing it to rock a lot also. It is a very strange feeling sleeping in a boat out on the sea and only Rowan who lives on the boat seemed to have slept really well.

The weather is quite bad, raining and gusty winds and we decide the best thing to do is head for a sheltered cove and take advantage of the snorkelling there. Simon and Ali both snorkel for ages. The Great Barrier Reef extends all down the East Coast of Australia as far as Rockhampton and they said the visibility was as good as at Cairns but the fish were friendlier! I have a quick swim but the current is strong and as I’m pulled away from the boat really quickly I soon get back on.

We motor around the headland and me and the kids go out to the island in the small dingy we have been towing behind us. We have a walk, collect a few shells and clamber over the rocks, after being on the boat for 24 hours in rough weather it feels good to get out and get some fresh air. The afternoon is spent fishing and swimming. Not for me though, I sit reading my book in the relatively warm and dry cabin.

We sail to Refuge Bay in the evening. There are no mooring spots so we have to anchor the boat and I volunteer to guard it with my glass of wine, cheese and biscuits and Jason for company whilst everyone goes hunting for oysters. Simon and I are the only ones on board who claim to like them but after collecting, shucking and washing them everyone else except Rowan tries them and they’re wolfed down! We have a lovely evening, some great Mexican food; Ali plays Rowans guitar and lots of beers.

1am – off to bed hoping for a good nights sleep and some great sailing weather tomorrow.