Had a great nights sleep and woke up at 8 when Ali knocked at our door worried that we had missed the train at 7.30. Although we had told them we would be leaving very early and therefore got them in bed before 9pm (A rare occurrence these days) we actually didn’t get any confirmation and therefore decided to catch a Greyhound bus instead at 1pm.

That worked out well, as despite us getting our laptop back yesterday with a new hard drive it now won’t even turn on and Simon takes it back to the shop. Another 49 dollars later and we get it back minus half the ram, but working ok at last. I pack up our stuff which has now increased considerably in size and weight due to our new additions of a tent, 2 sleeping bags and 2 lots of fins. As we have been given the fins and sleeping bags I did consider leaving them behind but don’t want to arrive somewhere else and have to buy or hire them.

We say goodbye to Rob, get in a taxi and head off for the bus station. It is a 6 hour journey to Townsville but I’m not worried about it. 6 hours isn’t too long for us and after some of our bus rides through India and China I’m sure this will be a piece of piss. It goes great, apart from a very smelly man sat behind us and when we stop off at the service stop half way we realise have to be in the most scenic bus station ever. It is beautiful, with a gorgeous coastline and a lovely island out to sea. We sit having fish and chips and gaze around. We think back to that terrible journey from Panzhihua to Lijiang in China where we stopped for a pee in a shed with a donkey and a dog and laugh. As much as I miss Asia I wouldn’t swap here for there tonight.

The Greyhound buses have a toilet onboard and show films along the way. So quite good. The film showing is very strange and I miss the point of it and give up after 10 minutes but Simon and Ali seemed to enjoy it. (The Gods Must Be Crazy). At last we arrive in Townsville and get off; the bus is going onto Brisbane, another 23 hours – glad we’re not staying on! We get a taxi to The Adventurers Resort, a cheapish hostel. When we arrive I’m not too happy as the kids are on a separate floor and as it’s such a big and busy hostel decide I will sleep with Maisie tonight and Simon with Ali.

We go out for a beer and sit in a noodle bar. Tomorrow we will start checking out stuff to do. Feeling tired now and fed up of writing this so off to bed. Want get some good shut eye.