Back to Cairns

Woke up early again having had another crap nights sleep. It has been raining for hours and the noise on the roof is pretty loud. We decide we will just chuck our gear in and sort it out properly when we arrive back in Cairns.

We take the scenic route back along a 19km long mountainous road with 300 bends. It’s beautiful, stunning scenery along Gillies Range but by the end both Ali and I are feeling carsick (Very unusual for me) and I’m glad to finally get down on the flat. We stop and get some lunch before heading towards the hostel we stayed in last week.

It takes a while to unpack everything and we have got loads of laundry to do. I show myself to be the completely undomesticated idiot that I am when I lose 3 dollars in the dryer. When I complain to Rob the manager, that the machine isn’t working he points out the fact that I needed to switch it on. Der!

We remembered that we have screwed up in a big way this morning and forgotten Simon’s Mums birthday .Doh! Sorry Pam and Happy Birthday for the 2nd. Simon gives her a call and sends his apologies! We spend the rest of the afternoon catching up on a few emails. We have been trying to organise some transport to Townsville and Simon goes off to try and get a bus or train sorted before taking Anastasia off to give her a good clean and wash before he takes her back to Justin and Gill.

He gets back around 7 having called off at KFC to get us some dinner. It is as vile as ever and none of us enjoy it. We get the kids in bed early and crash out. There are loads of trash magazines here and I catch up on the lives of Brad and Ange, Paris Hilton and The Beckhams. Ah this is the life!