Millaa Millaa Falls and The Curtain Fig Tree

Oh my god, I had such a bad nights sleep and could have happily throttled Ali when we woke me up this morning early by yanking my foot! Anyway, I did go back to sleep and felt better when I woke around 9. The birds here are so noisy and Simon tells me he has been down to Lake Tinaroo bird watching. He has some good photographs of the squawking cockatoos that seem to live here in their hundreds, a pelican sat on the lake and a kookaburra in the tree behind our tent.

We have our showers and set off for a days sightseeing. Actually Ali isn’t feeling too well so it’s probably a good thing that the first place is about an hour away. We pass the tiny villages of Kairi and Yungaburra on the way and see a sign for Bones Knob Lookout (Not sure whether you are supposed to lookout for bones or knobs). Eventually we reach Millaa Millaa Falls, the holiday brochure we have picked up describes fall watching as a rejuvenating experience- Hmm! Not too sure about that but the waterfall is quite impressive and very pretty anyway.

We get back on the road and stop for lunch in the small town of Malanda. We get the chance to check a few emails and shop for a bit of food at the local Spar Shop. I buy the kids a toffee apple each, some Ribena and some lemon tarts which Simon points out later doesn’t really help towards a healthy balanced diet! (I guess not!)

The Tablelands area is very beautiful and has a diverse landscape. Not only are we on the top of the mountains at an altitude of around 1000m but there are also lots of lava formations left over from ancient volcanoes. We pass a range of lava hillocks called The Seven Sisters and see basalt boulders on the road side thrown there by volcanic eruptions.

Next we go to see The Curtain Fig Tree. This news is greeted with howls of sarcastic disapproval from the kids when we tell them we are going to see a tree. Especially as it is now pissing down with rain. The Curtain Fig Tree is a massive parasitic plant and is actually really cool but in the end we only spend a couple of minutes there grabbing a few photos.

We get back to the campsite, by now it is raining a lot and the kids decide to take the pedal car they have hired for racing around the camp pathways back and hire it again in the morning. It’s a shame it’s so rainy, as it’s a lovely campsite with a pool, bouncing pillow which is a bit like a big bouncy castle with no sides and park area. Still when Maisie goes off to the toilet and shrieks “kangaroo” at the top of voice it makes up for being stuck in the van. Guess the roos don’t worry about a bit of water! We race across to where she is stood completely spellbound and all gaze at the small figure only 10 feet away. Nibbling at the grass it is only around 3 feet high but a real kangaroo nether the less!