Simon woke me up rustling around this morning and although its only 7.30 I am soon up and about. I have been reading a great book, a trashy 1800′s cowboy bodice ripper and lie outside on the grass in the warm sun. It�s a lovely campsite, the sites are all arranged in a circle and it’s very peaceful. Our site is flanked by big banana trees and there are lots of passion flowers everywhere.

We spend the morning quietly and have a tasty fry up courtesy of Ali and Simon around midday. We settle down then to some schoolwork. Maisie has almost completed the science curriculum and we revise electricity and “understanding experiments”. Ali has a bit more on his hands with the elements of the periodic table but it seems to go smoothly enough.

We decide to have a walk along the beach and set off around 3pm. It’s fantastic, so beautiful, very wild and empty and backed by swamplands. We stay close to the sea and have a paddle. The lady at the campsite told us the water is safe from jellyfish but I still feel a bit anxious about swimming here. There are signs warning against marine stingers in the summer months and we see a large bottle of vinegar waiting for those unfortunate enough to get stung.

We wander along for about an hour before setting back and decide to cut through the swamps on a boardwalk to PK’s campsite. (We know there is an ATM here) Unfortunately it’s out of service but we buy some food on our card and set off along the road. I’m so pleased when the fella who owns our site stops in his ute and picks us up. The kids bounce around in the back and he entertains us with stories of wild pigs running around the roads!

When we get back we sit on the grass. Ali plays his guitar and I have a few wines. Its so cool listening to him singing away and a little boy from the site opposite comes over and joins in. In the evening we make our way up to the kitchen area and make Taco’s for dinner. Again the kids cook most of it and it’s good to see how much they enjoy themselves. I had unfortunately had a few too many glasses of wino and dropped the chicken on the path on the way but hey. A quick swill under the tap and it seemed ok. Tasted alright anyway.

Tomorrow we are leaving this lovely place for The Atherton Tablelands, we are planning to stay at Lake Tinaroo Simon tells me. Well off to bed now, feeling tired and slightly pissed.