The Esplanade and Lagoon

We get up a bit later today as we’re all a bit tired with our recent late nights and early mornings. We have our breakfast; Ali goes to the supermarket and buys some jam for his crumpets and we have cereal and fruit.

We have decided today to walk into town and have a good look around Cairns seafront. Cairns is a small city set in tropical surroundings, with the close proximity to the reef, some of Australia’s best beaches and the northern tablelands I can see why people would want to live here. We stop off on the way and look in the estate agents windows, for 140 thousand pounds we could buy a 3 bed roomed place with a pool. Sounds tempting!

We get some BBQ food, chicken kebabs and a Caesar salad and make our way to The Esplanade and Lagoon area. It’s lovely here. Crowded with backpackers, everyone cooks up their lunch on the free BBQ stands and then lazes around on the grass by the waters edge. The salt water lagoon is man made and fairly cold today. The kids brave it and have a bit of a splash around but I just read my book and generally relax.

We spend a few hours there before heading back to the hostel for some schoolwork. I do some maths with the kids which is fairly painless and learn something myself. Although what is the point to learning about congruence and symmetry I do not know. I hope that didn’t come across to them! Simon takes our laptop to the computer menders, it remains critically sick and we know now needs a new hard drive. The fella in the shop gets onto Dell and they agree to supply a new one for free. They keep the laptop for a few hours and transfer all the data onto a temporary drive, the plan being that when we return to Cairns in a few days the new drive will have arrived from Dell and the data will be transferred then. This is costing us around 150 quid so I’m hoping it cures the problem.

In the evening Ali cooks dinner. I’m pleased his is going to have the opportunity to do this in Australia. He has always been the most independent of people and I worry sometimes that if he leaves home at 16 (His plan!) he will have to live on take outs. He does really well with minimal supervision from Simon and serves us chilli beef with nachos, sour cream, salsa, grated cheese and guacamole. He has made a bit of a mess around the cooker as the chilli beef and is so pleased when Simon, Maisie and I clean up and wash and dry the dishes.

Tomorrow we are going to Davey Daley’s 2nd birthday party and then off in the VW. How exciting.