G’ Day Sports.

Woke up around 8.30 this morning and feeling a lot brighter. The kids are still fast asleep though and in the end I have to wake them both up. Despite our early night last night Ali in particular still seems tired and we plan a slow day to ease us gently into the Aussie way of life.

The sky is still ominously grey but it’s very warm and optimistically I point out small patches of blue to Maisie. Simon goes and gets some breakfast cereal and bananas. Although Australia is very expensive in comparison to our recent living costs, many hostels including this one have kitchens and we are hoping to prepare some food ourselves in order to keep our expenses down. We take the opportunity to have a good look around, do some laundry and sit listening to Ali playing his guitar for a while.

At 12 o ‘clock we set of for The Esplanade. We have arranged to meet Justin, a friend from Plymouth who has been living here in Cairns with his family for the past few years. We sit in the sunshine at Coast Roast waiting for him to arrive, when he does its great to see him and we have a quick coffee before he has to go back to work. We plan to meet up tomorrow and catch up with him and his family properly and to our delight he offers to cook us a roast dinner in the evening- hurray!

We call off at the cinema on the way back to the hostel and book tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean at 5pm. We then go shopping for food. It seems quite strange to be walking around a supermarket as if I was at home. We get stuff to make sandwiches (Brown bread -yum) and everything we need for Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. Although we have eaten some pasta since we’ve been away we’re all looking forward to some home cooked meals.

After lunch we settle down to some schoolwork. There are lots of colourful information posters on the walls of the hostel about wildlife in the wet tropics of Australia and we use this as a basis for literacy. Ali researches insects and ground mammals and Maisie researches tree mammals and birds. They make notes and plan a 10 minute, 2 part presentation each on their findings. This takes nearly an hour and we decide they will refresh their memories and present their topics tomorrow when we have more time.

We rush off to the cinema, but are unfortunately only up the road when it starts to pour down. I’m fumbling with my umbrella I share with Maisie when this kind fella runs up his drive and gives me another brolly. How lovely of him, I tell him we will drop it in later but he just says “no worries it’s spare!”

Just got back from the cinema and Simon has cooked dinner for us all. The kids nearly died of shock when I said they had to do the washing up, dry the plates and put them away. How funny and how lazy are they? I think it was on the tip of Maisie’s tongue to ask where the dish washer was. She actually even said it wasn’t fair! We have always made them help clear up and load the washer at home but it obviously was a bit of a surprise! Hehe!

I’m sat on my bunk now. This room is very small and cramped for 4 of us and not that cheap at 64 dollars a night. Justin suggested we move nearer to his home and we might .It would be nice to be nearer the beach. Haven’t really made any plans for the next few days, we’re still tired and as our trip out to The Great Barrier Reef will be fairly costly we want to check out a few operators first to make sure we get a good deal.

Off to bed now. Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow and we gat get out there and explore a bit.